Jan 5, 2009

Ready's Calf

My mom likes to say, when we're preparing to go out, "Are you ready or are you Ready's calf?" When I ask her about the origin of the expression, she says she doesn't know, it was something her mother used to say. Her mother was born 120 years ago. Anybody know where this phrase came from?

Photo: Russell Lee FSA/OWI/LoC


Melissa said...

I just heard my dad say "Ready as Ready's calf" the other day, asked him about it, and was told he got the expression from his dad. Our family has been in the Ranger area of Texas for over one hundred fifty years, I wonder if the saying is regional?

falmanac said...

My grandmother grew up in Coalgate, OK and Tucumcari, NM, so it could very well be a Southwestern thing.

falmanac said...

I took another look and had some success googling "Reddy's calf." Reddy seems to have been a common pet name for red cows. But still nothing much on the saying.