Nov 26, 2009

A Thanksgiving gallery from the Library of Congress

"The first Thanksgiving 1621 / J.L.G. Ferris, c1932." I think this scene, or one very much like it, hung in my first grade classroom.
"Harper's Bazaar--Thanksgiving 1894 / Louis J. Rhead." This looks like Thanksgiving at the Lady of the Lake's house, or maybe at Jane Burden's.
"Thanksgiving - taking home turkies from raffle. 1912 Nov. 22. George Grantham Bain Collection."
"A Swell Gent. John T. McCutcheon, Dec 1916, Chicago Tribune."
"Castle Garden--their first Thanksgiving dinner / W. St. John Harper, 1884" Castle Garden is where immigrants arrived in the New York region before Ellis Island opened.
"Neffsville, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Earle Landis taking Thanksgiving pies from the oven. November 1942" Neffsville is just above Lancaster. (Jack Delano/FSA/OWI)