Mar 23, 2011

York Suburban exhibit focuses on Nazi resistance movement

(YDR) Hans and Sophie Scholl were college students when they organized a Nazi resistance movement, distributing pamphlets to encourage the German people to stand up to oppression.
When they were found guilty of treason and executed in 1943, they were just a few years older than the students at York Suburban High School who study them each year. ... The exhibit, which includes 45 panels of photographs and information, is on loan from the White Rose Society in Germany. Students designed how the exhibit is set up in the library, where books related to the Scholls, the Holocaust and related subjects accompany it. Continued

Photo: Description: Photograph of a student resistance movement called the White Rose, active in Germany during the Third Reich. The image shows Hans Scholl (left), Sophie Scholl (center), and Christoph Probst (right)(Willi Graf and Alex Schmorell are missing on this picture), Munich, Germany, 1942. Photograph from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum via Wikipedia.