Oct 10, 2006

Columbia a gem on the Susquehanna

I live in Harford County, Maryland, which is about an hour from Columbia, Pennsylvania. Despite the short distance, I've never met another Harford Countian who has ever been to Columbia, or even to her sister city Wrightsville, which is a tad closer, being on "this side" of the river. And that's too bad as both towns are worth exploring. The scene above was taken at a waterside park in Columbia during sunset.


Penwrencher said...

I live in Bel Air, and I've been to Columbia--and Wrightsville, for that matter. Neat old towns. Nice blog, great content for those of us (like me) who can obsess for hours about the middle-distance past of our surroundings.

falmanac said...

Thanks, it's good to know we have a reader or two!