Nov 2, 2006

Long Green Valley

The Long Green Valley, just a few miles north of Baltimore, isn't very long at all, but it is very green, and quite pleasing to the eye as well. It may be the best looking acreage in Maryland, and for my money, one of the best looking places in the world.
The valley remains largely as it was 50 or a hundred years ago. The railroad is gone and there's a few McMansions littering the hills, but besides for that, it hasn't changed much.
Nothing big ever happened in the valley, just people living their lives over the centuries, no Antietams, no "Washington Slept Here," no Appomatti.


Barbara aka Momma Pheebs said...

That valley certainly is beautiful Michael.
I can see why you like it so much.
What kind of trees are those in the distance?
What type of homes are there? How old are they?
What do the people of The Green Valley do for jobs?
Is there a town at all?
I would love to see more photos of this area.

falmanac said...

1. I don't know
2. Mixed batch of homes ranging from quite old to brand new, mostly in-between.
3. Commute to Baltimore or towson, both close by.
4. No town.
5. Stay tuned for more photos:>)