Dec 9, 2006


The most popular part of the ordnance museum is the backyard. There you'll find tanks and guns spanning the past hundred years and with it, the lion's share of 20th century history. Are these our greatest achievements? Is this what we humans are all about? We don't like to say it too loudly, but yes, in large part, it is. And maybe that's why the ordnance museum isn't on the mall in Washington D.C., but tucked away in a small town, on a military base, where you have to have your car searched before you can enter.
I enjoyed my visit to the museum, and I do know that war is the way of the world and that we must defend ourselves, but when you see all that old hardware in one place, it really makes you wonder. And isn't that what museums are for?

U.S. Army Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Aberdeen, Maryland. Photos (Canon 5d) by falmanac ©2006.