Sep 6, 2007

BRAC: Who's safeguarding our history?

"Upgrades and expansion will bring minor or temporary increases in noise and air pollution, possible long-term degradation of wetlands and the potential loss of historic structures ranging from World War II to the earliest days of Harford County's settlement, the impact study said." - Baltimore Examiner

The oldest house in Harford County, "Maxwell's Conclusion" was built on Gunpowder Neck in the 18th century and burned down by the Army in the 20th.

Our descendants will despise us for having thrown away the best of our culture. - Alan Lomax


wvgirl said...

Jeez, and the Army took a picture? That's sick. And while I love Alan Lomax, the best part of our culture while always survive in music, folk lore, common decency, and of course, beer.