Sep 10, 2007

What they wore back then

I found a convenient guide to fashion of the Civil War era at the Mason-Dixon Sewing Co.


Drawers- The first piece to be put on.

Chemise- The Chemise goes over the drawers. It is was used to keep the corset clean and from rubbing against the body. It is worn on the shoulders.

Corset- The Corset goes on next, over top of the Chemise. When worn correctly the top edge lines up with the bust point. When laced securely it gives the proper foundation for the dress bodice

Cage Crinoline or Hoopskirt- Is worn over the Corset. This is the contraption that is so popular of the time period and is what gives you the proper silhouette.

Petticoat- To be worn over the hoop. The Petticoat keeps the boning of the hoop from showing through the skirt and is an essential part of the lady's wardrobe.

Finally, the dress is put on over top of the head and adjusted accordingly.

Now you know.

Photo of the "Monument Street Girls" from the Library of Congress