Oct 26, 2007

She must be somebody's baby

(Baltimore Examiner) - Preservationists want to know where the bodies are buried at the proposed Paca’s Meadow development.
A handful of neighbors and local historians are working to prove a historic cemetery exists somewhere on the Boyer property on Moores Mill Road outside Bel Air, so the developer will work around it rather than risk disturbing the graves when 75 town houses and 96 condos are built around the existing farmhouse. Continued

[Having worked in the construction industry, it has long been my impression that developers routinely flout the law by destroying historic cemeteries. It's a top to bottom problem, the boss encourages it and the equipment operator enthusiastically complies. As for archaeological survey teams contracted by developers, a friend of mine in that profession once told me, "They don't pay us to find things, they pay us not to find things." - Falmanac]