Dec 21, 2007

Country Churches: Ebenezer Baptist

Sitting on the west bank of the Susquehanna (York County side), not far from Wrightsville, is the Ebenezer Baptist Church. According to the map, it is in Long Level (Lower Windsor Township), Pennsylvania.
It is not far from the site of Cresap's Fort, from which Thomas Cresap, a Maryland frontiersman, conducted Cresap's War - a boundary dispute between Maryland and Pennsylvania. The end result being the Mason/Dixon Line.
Cresap was one of the more notable people in this area. Others being Susanna Wright, and the Conestoga leader Captain Civility (aka Tagodrancy and/or Taquatarensaly), both of whom I hope to write about in more detail, eventually.
At the back of the church we found the gravestone of Reuben Blouse who was a member of Herman's Company of the 103rd Pa. Volunteers, which we have already blogged about here.
There is a plaque on the front of the church that reads as follows:

U. B. Ebenezer Church

Built in 1898

RM in 1904

At least that's what we think it says, we forgot to take a close-up of the plaque and had to make a best guess.