Dec 14, 2007

The Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum

The Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum is located at Martin State Airport, right outside of Baltimore. As the name implies, the museum is focused on the history of the Martin companies and Maryland aviation in general.
The indoor section of the museum has an impressive collection of photographs on display, each one generously captioned. There are plenty of models & the such too.
Outside, and some distance from the indoor exhibit, are the planes. There are 13 in all, making up an interesting display of jets from the Cold War era. They are some very photogenic machines and our docent, Joe Single, allowed us to photograph to our hearts content. Still, I'm not quite done, simply because I've never photographed planes before and I just know I'll need to do a few over. In the meantime, I hope these samples aren't too shabby.

Above: 1. & 3 Republic RF84F "Thunderflash" photo-recon fighter. 2, 4, & 5 Lockheed T-33 A-1 "Shooting Star" Jet Trainer.

Canon EOS 30D & EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 IS lens


Mark Choate said...

Thank you for posting these photo's. I am going to have to take my son Cody (5) and my daughter Alexa (12) to "The Glen L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum". I am an airplane/jet junky and attend the "Joint Services Open House" at Andrews Air Force Base every May. This event is the Armed Forces Day weekend, each year. This event would give you the opportunity to experience a wonderful ground display, as well as a wonderful air event. Every other year "The Blue Angels" and "The Thunderbirds" take turns. I believe this past year was the Air Forces "Thunderbirds". Thank you for this posting with wonderful photo's. Mark Choate

falmanac said...

Thanx for your kind words. We'll be posting some more photos from the museum over the next few days. They are certainly some interesting machines.

Mark Choate said...

Cody and I will be looking forward to viewing more photos from the museum. Yes indeed, they are some interesting machines.