Feb 20, 2008

Purnell Legion

"THE Purnell Legion Maryland, Volunteers, consisting of nine companies of infantry, two companies of cavalry, and two batteries of light artillery were recruited under the auspices of the Hon. William H. Purnell, Postmaster at Baltimore, Md., at Pikesville Arsenal, near Baltimore, between October 31, 1861, and December 31, 1861. The Legion was raised, under special authority of the Secretary of War, to serve three years. Upon the resignation of Colonel William H. Purnell, in February, 1862, the Legion organization was discontinued and the different arms of the service, infantry, cavalry, and artillery, were made independent of each other." Continued

The Historical Society of Cecil County has a gallery of photographs depicting members of the legion on its website. Most of the pictures (including the one here), are of members of Company E, who were mostly from Cecil, but there are some from other Union units as well. Link