Mar 29, 2008

New Sweden (Delaware)

(Wikipedia) - New Sweden, or Nya Sverige, was a small Swedish settlement along the Delaware River on the Mid-Atlantic coast of North America. It was centered at Fort Christina, now in Wilmington, Delaware, and included parts of the present-day American states of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The settlement was founded March 29, 1638, and was incorporated into Dutch New Netherland on September 15, 1655. ... In 1644, New Sweden supported the Susquehannocks in their victory in a war against the English Province of Maryland. ... With the help of the Swedes the English were defeated in 1644. The Susquehannocks remainined in an inactive state of war with Maryland until 1652. As a result of this war, the Susquehannocks traded almost exclusively with New Sweden. In 1652 they concluded a peace treaty with Maryland. In return for arms and safety on their southern flank, they ceded to Maryland large territories on both shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Continued