May 5, 2008

Played out

My car, in happier times, at the NCR Station in Monkton, Maryland.

Not me, my car. It's been in the shop for over two weeks now. People send me reports on its status: "Well, it was in the corner of the lot, but now it's closer to the middle." About the only thing I can do is go out on my front lawn and take pictures of airplanes. Here's a picture of an airplane. Yay.


Mary Rayme said...

Dude, bribe your mechanics. Tell them about your six hungry children who need the car to get to the grocery store. Tell them about your ill-fated tour of duty in Umblekistan that has left you restless and in need of a vehicle. If all else fails, take them beer. Choo-choo boy need car. ;-)

falmanac said...

This is so depressing, my only hope is this homemade Prozac. Mmm, needs more ice cream.