May 20, 2008

Study indicates that Harford County could support an arts center

(Baltimore Examiner) - Harford County’s art community is thriving sufficiently to support a $52 million space for music, art and exhibits, according to a study released this month.
The nonprofit group Harford County Center for the Arts is in the midst of planning a cultural center for the county, which is the only jurisdiction in the Baltimore area without a central location for music, theater and visual arts, said Executive Director Sallee Kunkel Filkins.
... Preliminary plans for the center include performance spaces that will seat 1,200, 400 and 100 people; exhibit spaces that can house permanent and traveling shows; and a “heritage gallery” focused on Harford County’s history, Filkins said. Link

Photo: William Pfingsten


wvgirl said...

Elkins, WV, pop. 7,000 has a well-utilized arts center. Funded mostly through gov grant money, we've seen some awesome concerts here and Malcolm has taken art classes there as well. It is where I taught my ill-fated chess class. ;-)