Sep 5, 2008

Where was the Camp Security Cemetery Located?

(Windows into York) - For many years, historians have wondered about the exact layout of Camp Security in Springettsbury Township. The farm(s) that were once the camp are well documented; however, the exact layout of the camp - including the huts, stockade, and cemetery - is not definitively known.
... Camp Security is a national landmark, though not officially designated as one. Several thousand British and Canadian soldiers were prisoners of war here. Most lived in small huts - many stayed with their wives and children. Others were confined to the stockade. Camp Security has been designated as one of the 11 Most Endangered sites in the United States by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and recently made news again when it was listed in a report to congress as one of the most endangered Revolutionary War sites in the country. Continued

Illustration: Hessian troops in British pay in the US war of independence by C. Ziegler after Conrad Gessner, 1799. Source: Wikipedia.