Jan 18, 2009

A near-forgotten MA&PA tunnel gets a new task

(Jacques Kelly) - ... I thought my list of tunnels was fairly complete, but then my friend Rudy Fischer called and told me he'd been dropped in a bucket and taken on a tour of a local oddity - the 29th Street tunnel under Sisson Street. Constructed between 1926 and 1927, this passage is 160 feet long, 30 feet wide and was once used by passenger and freight trains of the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad, that wonderful little steam railroad that wound through Stony Run Valley, Roland Park, Woodbrook, Rodgers Forge, Towson, Glen Arm, Fallston and Bel Air and ended at York, Pa. Continued

Falmanac (aka MDRails) documented this tunnel several years ago - on Nov. 23, 2003. The first picture shows the entrance from the Falls Road side. At the time, it looked (second photo), to be a hangout for local home guards - "a person who drinks in freight yards." In the third picture, a streetcar from the Baltimore Streetcar Museum, rides past the tunnel entrance.

Photos: MDRails