Apr 15, 2009

Hex house broken into again

(York Daily Record) - Jerry Duncan feels certain that if the farmhouse where the infamous Hex murder occurred were to be open to the public, break-ins there like the one that happened Sunday would decrease.
"That was one of the primary motivations for Rickie (Ebaugh) wanting to get this open, so that anybody with a curiosity could stop in, take a walk through the building and satisfy any interest they had," Duncan said.
Ebaugh, who owns the North Hopewell Township farmhouse, is the great-grandson of Nelson D. Rehmeyer. On Nov. 27, 1928, Rehmeyer was beaten to death by two men and a boy who believed the farmer had placed a hex, or spell, on them by using powwow, a form of folk healing and magic. The killing gained international notoriety because of its unusual circumstances. Continued