May 1, 2010

Baseball exhibit opens in Elkton to a crowd of nearly 150

(WoCCP) Down on Main Street this evening, a lively crowd gathered for a reception marking the opening of historical society’s baseball exhibit. Attended by nearly 150 guests and members, the place was almost transformed into an old-time baseball field. The Elkton Eclipse, the county’s 1860s team, was there talking about the national pastime as they played it in the era when the umpires were addressed as sir and dressed formally. Continued

Photo: Three young men in baseball uniforms, Victor High School, Victor, Colorado; identified by Mabel Barbee Lee as "three of my boys": Henry Black, Homer Huffaker & Leslie Schoen. They wear padded knickers, baseball gloves & caps, and initials "V.H.S." on shirt. (Library of Congress)