May 13, 2010

The Parking Meter

(Wired) If it weren’t for Pearl Harbor, FDR might have called May 13 a day that will live in infamy. It was 75 years ago that Carl C. Magee of Oklahoma City sought a patent for the world’s first parking meter. Many will come to see the invention as a bane of urban living.
Soon after Magee filed to protect his intellectual property, the world’s first installed parking meters were put into nickel-gulping service right there in Oklahoma City in July 1935. Continued

Photo: John Vachon (FSA/OWI).


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Falmanac is one of my usually evening reads before retiring. You catch some of the most interesting stuff. I aprpeciate all the work that goes into the undertaking.

falmanac said...

Thanks, Mike. (Mike publishes three great blogs (at least),Window on Cecil County’s Past, Reflections on Delmarva’s Past, and The Historical Society of Cecil County Blog - all worth checking out.