Mar 8, 2011

1782: Gnadenhütten massacre

The Gnadenhutten massacre, also known as the Moravian massacre, was the killing on March 8, 1782, of ninety-six Christian Lenape (Delaware) by colonial American militia from Pennsylvania during the American Revolutionary War. The incident took place at the Moravian missionary village of Gnadenhütten, Ohio, near present-day Gnadenhutten. The site of the village was preserved. A reconstructed cabin and cooper's house were built there, and a monument to the dead was erected. The village site has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
In an unrelated event in 1755, during the French and Indian War (part of the Seven Years War), Native Americans allied with the French massacred 11 missionaries and converted Munsee Lenape at another Moravian mission village which however bore the same name; this event took place at Gnadenhütten, Pennsylvania, in the English colony. The term Gnadenhutten massacre is usually only used to refer to the 1782 event in Ohio. Continued

Photo by Bwsmith84, some rights reserved.