Jun 27, 2011

1664: Maryland declares war on the Senecas

"At a council held June 27th, 1664, the Council taking into consideration the protection of the province against the Senecas who lately killed some English in Ann Arundel county and entered St. Mary's and ordered war there. Now war is to be proclaimed against the Senecas and a reward of a hundred arm's length of Roan Oke to be given to any one who kills a Seneca. That all the Kings of Friend Indians be sent word and all to get ready to go against the Senecas—that all officers are to send intelligence from time to time to the Governor and Council that they keep in correspondence; and whereas there is a Seneca prisoner in Patapsco who alleges he came to seek peace and brought a present intended for us and the Susquehannocks.
It is ordered that the Indian be sent down to St. Mary's and kept in irons and a letter be written to Stuyvesant to give notice to the Senecas trading at Fort Orange that we have such a prisoner, whom we shall keep alive till we see if they want peace or war and if they do not desire peace we will put him to death; and that Col Clawson gave notice to the Susquehannocks of our intentions and to ask them if they will join us or not." Vol. 3, Maryland Archives, p. 502.