Jun 5, 2011

York County set to digitize veterans records as old as 18th century

York, PA (YDR) York County has its share of veterans' memorials. But the most comprehensive one is never seen by the public.
It resides in a walk-in safe in a locked room of the York County Department of Veterans Affairs. And it consists of tens of thousands of index cards, each one of which bears the name of a deceased York County veteran.
The veterans listed on those cards fought in conflicts ranging from the 18th century's French and Indian War all the way up to modern engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to York County Director of Veterans Affairs Phil Palandro.
Soon, the county will start on a project that will involve scanning all of those cards and putting them in digital form. Continued

Photo: Old veterans playing cribbage at Soldiers' Home, Washington, D.C., ca. 1900 (Library of Congress).