Apr 14, 2012

Liriodendron is a Harford County treasure

(Jacques Kelly) When the street sign said Boulton, I knew I was near the right address. Soon another familiar street name popped up — Atwood — and I was squarely in Bel Air's Howard Park, a subdivision created out of the orchards surrounding a noteworthy Baltimorean's summer home.
Its formal name is Liriodendron, and it is a Harford County treasure. It was built by one of the Johns Hopkins Hospital's fabled "Big Four," Dr. Howard Atwood Kelly. Kelly spent most of the year at 1406 Eutaw Place in Baltimore, where he also had a private clinic in an adjoining building. But in the summer, he, his Danzig-born wife, Olga Elizabeth Laetitia Bredow, and nine children made off for cooler Bel Air. Continued