May 4, 2006

Found History: Who were the Devil Dogs?

The picture above is captioned "Review of the Devil Dogs." It's obviously just after World War One. President Wilson is standing in the center with various luminaries on either side. I don't know who any of them are, except for FDR, who was Assistant Secretary of the Navy at the time. That's all I know.

Update 7/13/06: Pictured from left to right -
Major General George Barnett, Commandant U.S. Marine Corps
Rear Admiral Benson, Chief Bureau U.S. Navy
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Assistant Secretary of Navy
Brigadier General Neville, USMC (4th Brigade)
Woodrow Wilson
Mrs. Wilson
Newton D. Baker Secretary of War
General March, Chief of Staff U.S. Army
Captain Scott, USMC (in foreground)


Anonymous said...

The U.S. Marines,during the WW One,were such ferocious fighters that the German army nick-named them -"Teufel-hund", the name stuck and they became the Devil Dogs of ww1. Learned this as part of our training at Parris Island, back in 1958, boot camp. History of the Corp!!!! - Russ A.