Dec 10, 2006

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" - Samuel Johnson

Most Americans aren't affected by things like the Patriot Act, but I am. Seems like every time I take my camera outdoors, somebody's trying to push me around, using 911 as their excuse. The fellow pictured above, is calling the police on me after I refused to stop taking pictures of a railroad yard from a public sidewalk. It is perfectly legal to take pictures of railroad yards from public sidewalks, but that didn't stop him from "turning me in."
It seems to me, that if they wanted to do this war on terror right, they'd have explained things to the public a little better. And perhaps they could have reined in the vigilante types a little better as well. Nevertheless, I continue to take pictures. To do otherwise would be to let the terrorists win, and there's all kinds of terrorists in this world - some of them live right next door. Scoundrels.


Penwrencher said...

Well said indeed...calling the authorities has become a true national pastime, and while it makes the police blotter in the Pennysaver an entertaining read, there's a real sadness in the fact that assuming the worst has become our default. We see danger in the most innocent behaviors--on the road, on the train, at the store...and apparently at railyards as well.

Gregg said...

Ah 9/11 ! Maybe one day we will take a real look at it.

mayray said...

I believe has name was Dick. Dick Weed. Some people live to call 911 on their cell phones.

Southern Gent said...

Good on you for continuing to take pictures, and even better that you posted the picy of nazi wannabe.

Our personal freedom does come with risks, and I am happy to risk the odd polariod going to the middle east.