Aug 1, 2007

Radio silence

This month's Monitoring Times magazine features a geeky piece I wrote about radio tourism in Guyana. The funny thing is that I submitted it six years ago. Why did it take them so long to get back to me? I don't know, but it's not unusual. It was the first article I ever wrote for publication and fortunately, I didn't let their indifference bother me in the least. If I had, I wouldn't be writing & photographing today. Just think of the time I would have wasted if I'd waited over half a decade for some kind of affirmation from a stranger. If you want to write for other people you need to take rejection with a grain of salt.
Of course, these days we can publish whatever we like on the web. Why put up with editors who can't be bothered to acknowledge our efforts with even a form letter, when the whole world is sitting there on the web, bored out of its collective mind, just waiting for something interesting to float by? And the more you write (or paint or photograph etc.), the better you will become at your craft, and the more you post, the more readers you will get, which will encourage you to do more work, which you can post, and get even more viewers. It makes for a delicious cycle. There is no reason not to, no excuse either.