Nov 23, 2007

A Cecil County glossary

The Historical Society of Cecil County has posted a glossary of sorts to its website. It's called The Ernest A. Howard Cecil County Genealogy and History Fact File and is filled with lots of good information.

Tunnel on Wildcat Point, Cecil County, Maryland.

Canon EOS Digital Rebel


wvgirl said...

I love this photograph because it takes my eye a long time to decipher what it is looking at. Also, I have to say that this photo reminds me improbably of the sculpture of Martin Puryear. Strange, but true.

falmanac said...

Thanks:>) We did a whole series of pictures from those tunnels, one cold January day. Most of them need to be reprocessed because I had an eye infection at the time, which caused me to over-sharpen, over-sturate, and skew the color balance. I like this one too; dark's a part of night and black's a part of tunnels, was my thinking.