Feb 15, 2008

'Heroes Among Us' exhibit pays tribute to black soldiers

(Baltimore Examiner) - The images of Cathay Williams, the first female Buffalo Soldier, proudly dressed as a man in a military uniform, or the rush of the Harlem Hellfighters, offer a glimpse of the struggles and pride of America’s black pioneers.

... The traveling exhibit, Heroes Among Us, honors black soldiers and pioneers for Black History Month. In Baltimore City, the event runs during the Black Engineer of the Year Awards conference, which includes industry seminars and a career fair. Continued


wvgirl said...

A dude came into the bookstore and recommended "And She Fought At Gettysburg" by Savannah Meade.

I once got into a fist fight with a drunken Irishman who would not believe that women fought in the American Civil War. I guess a drunk Irishman is redundant. ;-)

falmanac said...