Dec 21, 2008

Cecil County’s Civil War General

(Milt Diggins, HSoCC) - The push of events demanded a decision. A defiant Confederate flag now waved over Fort Sumter, blood-stained Baltimore streets evidenced a clash between a mob and Union soldiers, previously wavering states declared allegiance to the Confederacy, and martial law anchored Maryland to the Union. While opposing armies massed for war, U. S. Army officers sympathetic to the South could no longer delay their decision. On July 3rd, 1861, William Mackall reported to the war department, rejected a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel and resigned. The highest ranking Civil War officer from Cecil County would wear Confederate gray. Continued

Photo: Caption reads: "Maj. Gen'l. Wm. W. Mackall, in command and captured at Island No. 10." Courtesy of William Emerson Strong Photograph Album, Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library, Duke University.