Dec 27, 2008

MA&PA Railroad History: Taylor's Trestle

( - Taylor's Trestle, named after the owner of the adjacent property, is located on the Ma & Pa (Maryland and Pennsylvania) railroad line. It is located between the towns of Red Lion and Yoe, Pennsylvania, and is a very short distance south of the take-off of the Dallastown spur. It is close to Springwood Road, near the northern boundary of the Red Lion borough, and is adjacent to the site of the old Red Lion incinerator.
The trestle is exactly 68.9 miles north of Ma & Pa's station at North Ave. in Baltimore, which was the southern terminus of the railroad. Because it is 68.9 miles from the Baltimore station, it is known as trestle #689. The entire trestle is 261 feet 6 inches long, and 28 feet high at its tallest point. The trestle rests on the surface of the ground of the underlying ravine; the trestle's supports are not actually drilled into the ground.
The trestle is historically significant because it is a rare example of a still-standing wooden railroad trestle from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It is especially unique because it is a curved, rather than straight, trestle.
Taylor's Trestle is believed to have been built about 1895. Continued