Oct 24, 2010

Holland one of bay's eroding, formerly inhabited islands

(Baltimore Sun) For 15 years, Stephen White battled the elements. But time and tide have claimed another remnant of the Chesapeake Bay's fading maritime culture. White, a Methodist minister and former waterman, poured his sweat, savings and even a little blood into trying to preserve the last house on Holland Island, an eroding stretch of sand and marsh in the middle of the bay, about six miles offshore from here. The two-story frame structure, which he figures was built 112 years ago, was the last vestige of what was once a thriving fishing community of more than 300 residents, with 60-some homes, a church, school, stores and a social hall. A fleet of skipjacks, bugeyes and schooners docked there. The community had its own baseball team and a band, histories recall. Continued

Photo: "Holland Island lighhouse, Maryland. Photo predates the lighthouse's destruction in 1960." (U.S Coast Guard via WIkipedia).