Dec 7, 2010

Alexander Wetmore

(Wikipedia) Frank Alexander Wetmore (June 18, 1886 North Freedom, Wisconsin – December 7, 1978 Glen Echo, Maryland) was an American ornithologist and avian paleontologist. ... Wetmore began federal service in 1910, working for the Biological Survey of the Department of Agriculture.
In 1915, he researched the use of lead shot in causing death in waterfowl. His paleontological research led to his work on the fossil birds Palaeochenoides mioceanus and Nesotrochis debooyi.
In 1924, Wetmore joined the Smithsonian Institution as the superintendent of the National Zoological Park in Washington. In 1925, Wetmore was appointed assistant secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, becoming secretary between 1945 and 1952. Continued