Oct 12, 2011

Nine farms added to Harford County's agricultural preservation progam

(Aegis) Nine properties totaling 1,200 acres, including the prominent Grimmell Farm in Jarrettsville, officially entered Harford County's agricultural preservation program.
... The county would purchase 270 acres of Grimmell Farm in Jarrettsville for $1.5 million; 285 acres of the Vaughan property in White Hall for $2 million; 140 acres of Norfolk Farm in White Hall for $790,727; 30 acres of the Ludwig property in Churchville for $70,000; 65 acres of the Onufrak property in Darlington for $286,014; 115 acres of the Troyer property in White Hall for $574,149; 170 acres of the Rickey property in Whiteford for $1.2 million; 100 acres of the Wiley property in Pylesville for $535,372; and 150 acres of the Gambill property in Bel Air for $867,493.
Councilman Chad Shrodes said the new easements have been a long time coming. Continued

Photo: Using a harrow on a Maryland farm, 1936 (Library of Congress).