Jul 24, 2012

Second Battle of Kernstown

(Wikipedia) The Second Battle of Kernstown was fought on July 24, 1864, at Kernstown, Virginia outside Winchester, Virginia, as part of the Valley Campaigns of 1864 in the American Civil War. Confederate Lt. Gen. Jubal A. Early soundly defeated Union Brig. Gen. George Crook and drove him from the Shenandoah Valley back over the Potomac River into Maryland.
... With his army broken, Crook retreated to the Potomac River and crossed near Williamsport, Maryland, on July 26. As a result of this defeat and Early's burning of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, on July 30, Grant returned the VI and XIX Corps to the Valley and appointed Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan as commander of Union forces there. Continued

Photo: Jubal Early (Library of Congress). Map:Wikipedia 



Warfare is a fascinating subject. Despite the dubious morality of using violence to achieve personal or political aims. It remains that conflict has been used to do just that throughout recorded history.

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